Comprehensive hygiene solution
Comprehensive hygiene solution

Antibacterial products with
a unique alcohol free formula

Antibacterial wet wipes

100% alcohol-free

Antibacterial hand gels and spray

always convenient

Welcome to our world of hygiene!

DewMed is an innovative supplier and manufacturer of high-quality hygienic products that meet the personal care and hygiene needs of its customers day after day.

DewMed is a company based in US. Our products collection offers a selection of antibacterial wet wipes, hand gels and sprays. Which come with different scents and a unique alcohol-free formula.

All the ingredients are high quality and are certified. All of our perfume bouquets are created in collaboration with famous Swiss fragrance compound house, so that you can find your favorite scent. Our hygienic products will not only keep you clean and healthy but will also bring joy to you and your family. Use our products daily and become a part of the DewMed family.

O DewMed
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